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WhatsApp Messenger LogoWhatsApp is a texting service between mobile phones as a replacement for the regular SMS text messages. Over 300 million users are active worldwide using the Whatsapp service. Whatsapp uses an internet connection between phones. The service is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones.

The major difference between regular SMS text messages and Whatsapp text messages is that Whatsapp is free: You use the internet connection on your phone (wifi or part of you mobile data package depending on subscription or pre paid type).

On this website you will find a lot of information on Whatsapp. If you browse to “What is Whatsapp?” you will find information on what kind of program Whatsapp is. If you choose “How does it work” you will find information on all kinds of options and how Whatsapp works on your phone. If you want to know for sure Whatsapp works on your phone please visit “Does it work on my phone?