How does Whatsapp work? A question on a lot of people’s mind. Please use the pulldown menu when you hover over the menu to find your question and click the question to find the answer or ask your question in the comments.

Am I blocked?
Blocking other users
Can I change my username on Whatsapp?
Can I install Whatsapp on an iPad or iPod?
Changing your status message
Does Whatsapp save my messages on their servers?
Does Whatsapp work with wi-fi?
How do I add contacts to Whatsapp?
How do I change my profile picture?
How do I change my status “last seen” ?
How do I send voice messages with Whatsapp?
Push notifications on your iPhone
Transfer your chat history to another phone
What do the checkmarks mean?
What does Whatsapp cost?
What does Whatsapp do with my phone information?

4 thoughts on “How does it work?

  1. my question was if you have someone on your contact address book and you send a message to somebody that has application on their phone but don’t have you on their contact Address can they still receive your messages

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